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Hi, my name’s Gilberto and i am a certified personal trainer. I come from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico. My journey started when I was a teenager and the thing that got me into becoming a personal trainer was that I wanted to help motivate others to reach their full potential and become their best version of themselves. Whether you’re looking to just drop weight, tone or build muscle mass you will be surprise what you can achieve. I created my own brand called GoalFitNation with sole purpose of developing a functional training for anyone looking to achieve a higher fitness level and ultimately have fun a long the way. Whatever your path might be have the assurance that I’m 100% committed to you and your goals and I look forward to working with you. 

Personal Training

In Goal Fit Nation, we offer training packages that will produce results such as 



$65 / Session


$520 / 8 Sessions


$780 / 12 Sessions

Package Training

$1040 / 16 Sessions

1) Refer friends and family and get $100 cash back or referral fee.
 2) Monthly gifts for rewarding your hard work and dedication.
3) 3 and 6 month goal special achievement rewards.

** All prices are displayed before GST.


With a broad portfolio of clients from different ages. At GoalFitNation we have the required experience to take good care of you and help you achieve your goals.

Gilberto has been an amazing trainer for myself and my husband as well as our two teenagers. He  creates fun and varied workouts for us keeping us all in great shape. He incorporates different ways to exercise into our sessions which is wonderful for overall health. He's also a wonderful, thoughtful and kind person. 

Carolyn M.

Working with Gilberto has been an amazing helping me to get back into shape. With the pandemic and gyms closed it makes it hard and challenging to exercise but with his help I've been more active by doing home workouts and keeping me accountable.

Rebeka C.

I'm in my early forties, I'd pretty much given up and thought it was too late to make a healthy change in my life, but here I am at 45 and the past year and a half has changed me drastically. I have two young girls that keep me on my toes and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up but working out with Gilberto along with the diet plan he's giving me has given me a new lease on life. I'm the best shape I've been in since my twenties and I have lots of energy again. Gilberto has taught me that it's never too late to make your life better. Thanks brother!

Chris K.

Provides a very personal program for your individual goals and is able to be flexible and adapt to your changing circumstances, if you want results and gain confidence in your own abilities to become a stronger version than yourself, look no further than GoalFitNation.

I was very pleased with what GoalFitNation was able to provide me, they provided a program that was detailed to my goals in mind and was very good at changing and adapting my program based on my personal circumstances, if you want results and gain confidence in your own abilities to become a stronger version of yourself, look no further than GoalFitNation.

Chris M.


Yes you can. Either at the gym or at home

We send you a questionnaire were you let us know if you suffer from any physical injuries or limitations. Based on that we design your program that you can do.

Yes you absolutely can since everything is designed for you and your own schedule

We are all different, so the speed you see results can vary. Having said that, as long as you’re fully committed, and have a clear vision of what goals you wanna achieve you certainly will.

The minimum times commitment that we ask you to follow is 3 months. Why 3 months because we believe that’s a solid period for you to see substantial changes and most importantly stick to them long term.

It is refundable if you feel you won’t be sticking to your new goals, depending on how many sessions we had,. Like we mentioned before this is for those who want to challenge themselves and achieve a greater fitness level they haven’t had before.

For better results, we give you nutrition advice based on a questionnaire that is provided.

Yes we can do it vegan friendly.

We take your goals and health very seriously and we design your meal plan accordingly to your own goals and if you’re allergic to anything we ask you in advance for any issues you might have.

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